Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fuck I hate banks

Or even a reason to write. I have been despondent today.. I usually get some pocket money on Monday and this didn't come through due to some heavy lawyers bills and then other bills Heath had so, we have been waiting for bank A to transfer money to Bank B.. This of course has left me with -$6 in my account and a lady wanting her money I promised. SIGH.

I know it will get better but right now, all I cam think of if, I can't meet my obligations. I loathe letting people down. I have two people going to pay me for dresses in a day or two, but, them putting off paying me means I can't pay the other lady. SO FRUSTRATING. 

Why, in 2017, do banks take 3 business days to do an Internet transfer. What excuse aside from feathering their nests with the interest do they have? You don't need to send a signature to the originating branch, just fucking deliver the cash to the other bank. JUST DO IT. CLICK THE BUTTON. FFS. 

My mood isn't helped by my module for my diploma, its on Train programming and frankly it so boring I am struggling to care enough to get through the assignment. zzzzzzz. Wish I could pay someone. Still. Only last 3 modules and then two assignments before I finish. I passed the WHS unit, I can do this. 
What do you mean interview someone. ARE YOU MAD? God train planning don't even work my hours. I have emailed them before and they ignore you. They are gods I tell you and wont communicate with a pleb like me. UGH..

Weather in Sydney is weird. Hot and humid then rain then cold and humid. Can it just rain? Or just not? You have to carry a wardrobe for the day. 

Happier news, is... um. 
I have my health? LOL Seriously I have to wait until April for some leave as Heath doesn't want a fuss for his 50th so I am going to work instead of spending time with the family. I am a tad put out by this but what can you do? 

Looking forwards to July when I can cruise for 2 weeks (Unless we can't pay on time.. HMMMM)

Below are some OOTD from this past week. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Queen Elizabeth

Heath's sister was in town and she is lucky enough to be a nurse on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth ship.  The ship arrived in Sydney on Saturday morning but the weather was so crap that everything you did in Sydney was wet and grey. BOOOO. Still Heath got to catch up with his sister on Sunday and I was lucky enough to be invited.
I was on night shift the night previous to the visit so I felt unwashed and wilted. I looked it too. (Damn!)BUT Heath was at my work for 8am sign off and bought me breakfast (Dinner?) before we went for a stroll though the streets of Sydney. I was probably boring the pants off him but Sydney is a city I have spend many years reading the history of. 
We arrived at Circular Quay and still has time to spare so we walked around to the Overseas Passenger terminal, and sat down. Mistake.. I drifted off.. LOL. 

Getting on to a cruise liner as a day guest is an exercise in patience. You need to have submitted your ID days before and then the crew member has to meet you. After that, they take your ID and issue you with a ship one. This has to be clipped to you all the time. You then wait whilst they allow disembarking people off and no one is allowed to queue on the ramp so this means more waiting. I wasn't took fussed. Happy enough to not be doing anything. Eventually we were allowed on to the ship.
The ship is (As you expect) beautiful. We did get to see the medical facility and that is very impressive. You are safer on a cruise ship, esp this one, than at home. Its pretty awesome really. 
We happily wandered the ship whilst H and his sister caught up. 
I had a great day and was so thrilled to have had this opportunity. Even got to see the crew facilities and their private areas. So much of the ship is hidden and that's the part that keeps the show part (The public areas)  running smoothly. Well oiled machine indeed. 

Beautiful ship but not for my age group. Mind you when I am the age of the market this ship caters for I will be all in!

Thank you to Nat who took us into her world. XOXO